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National Genius Search Examination® - 2015

National Genius Search Examination® - 2015 (NGSE) is a scientifically devised assessment tool to locate genius among children. It is an innovative approach for accelerated learning, developed after 12 years of rigorous research and adaptability tests. The NGSE leads to the prestigious National Genius Awards.

The NGSE focuses on assessment for learning. It uses 'Own the Ownership of Learning Concept' (OOL Concept) to develop questions. These Questions brings in the required interest among students to take up the ownership of learning. This approach ensures maximum learning in optimal time with deeper understanding and conceptual clarity. The multi tasked Enhanced MCQs (EMCQs) of NGSE improves rapid decision making skills in daily life.

The NGSE offers two scores for regular test takers - National Percentile Score (NPS) for current year and National Benchmark Score (NBS), a derived cumulative score for two or more years.

Key Dates


Thursday, 15th January, 2015
for the NGSE on 21st January, 2015 (Schools should opt for password protected Question papers in PDF format)

Wednesday, 21st January, 2015

Results of NGSE Mains 2015
Sat, 14th February 2015

Final Test: NGSE Advanced
Sunday, 1st March 2015

Results of NGSE Advanced 2015:
Tuesday, 14th July 2015